EPoS Systems

EPoS Systems

If you‘re new to EPoS or looking to upgrade your system, the benefits are endless.

Using computer hardware, peripherals and flexible EPoS software that can be tailored to suit your business needs, an EPoS system is a risk free investment for any company in the hospitality or retail sectors. We are accredited suppliers of the fantastic ICRTouch software whose stability, ease of use and proven track record with all types of businesses, makes it our preferred choice.

Efficiency -the easy-to-use touchscreen terminal means transactions can be processed quicker than ever before, and the accurate billing system ensures that nothing is left off your customer's bill.

The EPoS software makes stock taking and reports incredibly easy, reducing the need for laborious paper work and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the day-today running of your business.
EPoS is also playing an increased role in staff management and enhanced security of your cash. Shrinkage, theft and sweet-hearting are curtailed by the use of Staff ID buttons and the close management of stock levels that lies at the heart of the PoS technology. Transactions and sales can be analysed and monitored closer than ever before, meaning the opportunity for unaccounted for cash disappearing is reduced dramatically. The investment in an EPoS system means businesses are immediately able to keep closer tabs on staff and transactions.

For serious hospitality and retail outlets, EPoS is no longer a choice- it is a business necessity. The combination of a comprehensive computer based system and the ability to tailor the system to your business needs makes an EPoS system an especially appealing investment.

EPoS, however, needs more than just a quick unpacking and plugging in. The system requires set up and installation by an experienced engineer, as each customer is likely to have a large variety of different requirements unique to their business.

For this reason we will only supply any EPoS system within a 60 mile radius of our showroom to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, not only with their purchase but ongoing support as well. Please call to discuss your EPoS requirements on 0800 019 5251.

Looking for a new EPoS system. Contact Elliott EPoS on
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