Cash Registers

Cash Registers
Not sure what you need? A cash register is not just a safe place for your money but can provide you with a range of reports to make sure your business is running as efficiently as it can. From basic to top of the range models, we can provide the most suitable for your business.

Pre-programmed with all your items/menus.   
• Speedy service
• Staff do not have to remember all the prices, so less errors are made.
• Easy programming enables prices changes to be made quickly.
• Overlapping cashiers allows different members of staff to use the cash register at the same time.

The list is endless!
Available as money entry or as a scanning package.

• Using a scanner ensures all items are correctly priced.
• Speeds up serving time at the till.
• Produces a great receipt to ensure all customers have a record of their purchase and enables advertising.
• Gives efficient reporting on your busiest departments

All our machines come with a full warranty and we will programme them with all your requirements. Included in the price! 
Ring us on 0800 019 5251 and we can have a chat about what you need.
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