Retail Scales

Retail Scales
Not only can we supply your business with a cash register or EPoS but, if required, your retail scale as well.

Need a replacement or is this a new venture?

There are many types of retail scale available but there are strict legal requirements depending on the product you are selling. For example, there are minimum weigh quantities for different commodities such as coffee, sweets, tobacco and fruit & vegetables. And ALL scales which are used for re-sale must be legally stamped for trade. Don’t get caught out, call and check exactly what you must have.

Repair and calibration service available.

Labelling Scales
If your business has a legal requirement to print a product label for the packaging we can provide the solution within the range of CAS Retail Labelling Scales.
The printed label provides accurate product information needed to satisfy both your customer and the Trading Standards Authority.
i.e. product name, price per kilo, weight and pack price.
Additional sell or use by dates together with customer logo can also be added.
If you are a butcher, baker, farmshop or greengrocer, CAS will have the label solution for you. 

For all your retail scale needs, contact Elliott EPoS on
0800 019 5251

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